Here are some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis!

★ How do I know if this certain vehicle is available?
In order for us to let you know if a vehicle is available, you'll have to give one of our customer service agents a call.

★ What is your policy about drinking and smoking?
You're certainly allowed to drink as long as you meet the legal age requirements, but there is strictly no smoking on the vehicles. If you are bringing jello shots, please be careful with them. They can get extremely messy and might stain the seats and the rest of the bus.

★ Are your vehicles safe?
Yes! Our vehicles are insured fully, as well as inspected for problems on a regular basis by certified mechanics.

★ Do your vehicles have bathrooms?
Unfortunately, they do not. We do stop whenever you want, though!

★ Can I cancel the reservation?
Once you have paid your deposit, you cannot cancel. You will have to pay the full amount you agreed upon whether you use it or not. You also cannot change the date of your reservation. You might, depending on availability, might be able to move the reservation, earlier/later, or upgrade/downgrade your vehicle.

★ Can children come on the buses with us?
Of course they can! We are great for children's birthday parties or other life events. If there are going to be those under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board. It is a law and we are protecting you, your guests and ourselves.

★ Are there hidden fees?
We don't hide anything from you. You will know of all potential charges you may come across when you book. Any extra charges you might come across would be from damage to the bus that you or a guest caused or if you left a huge mess, like throw up and mountains of garbage.

★ Can we bring food onto the buses?
Yes you can! We just ask that you try not to make a huge mess. Also that you are conscious of what types of food you bring. Try to avoid food that may stain so that you don't have a cleaning fee.