Now that you’ve found the man you’ve been waiting for, it’s time to begin the first (and most fun) process of finalizing your marriage — planning your bachelorette party. And lucky for you, a Greensboro bachelorette party is sure to be a great time. With the gorgeous Southern weather and the beautiful city of Greensboro ahead of you, you’re in for a real treat. Not only does the city itself offer the perfect setting for a bachelorette party, but the city is full of nightlife options that are perfect for your special night. From some of the state’s classiest restaurants and bars to some of the wonderful historic venues in the city, there’s more than enough to satisfy you and your girls. And for the wilder women out there, Greensboro has everything you desire as well. Strip clubs, private stripper companies and amazing party venues are some of the excitement you can expect.

Private Dancers and Venues

One of the most popular ideas for bachelorette parties in Greensboro is renting out a party venue and calling in your own male entertainment. Thanks to the five-star adult entertainment companies in the city, you and all your girlfriends will have some of the best eye candy you could hope for. Whether you’re in the mood for buff hunks or shaggy skater boys, the options for males in Greensboro is stunning. Why deal with a subpar strip club and deal with all the hassles of going out and being just another women in the club? When you hire your own dancers for your own. Deciding to host your bachelorette party in a private menu is a great choice, men or not. Greensboro offers a wide range of party venues, from the rustic Liberty party venue, a former tobacco warehouse to the serious class at Kress Terace.

Bars and Restaurants for an Intimate Night out

For the brides who are looking for nothing more than a great night out with their best friends, Greensboro offers many choices. Take advantage of the downtown area and its historic restaurants and bars. A prime example of a historic location with a super modern atmosphere is the Workx. Inside a 120-year-old building you and your ladies can soak in the calming atmosphere and truly enjoy each others’ presence. Nothing’s better than great conversations and advice from some of your closest friends before you tie the knot. You’ll find all sorts of locations that are perfect for just this goal in Greensboro. So plan a night out at one, or plan a restaurant crawl and see the new dining culture Greensboro has created.


But if you’re really looking to make the most out of one of your final nights as a single woman, visiting the exciting nightclubs and strip clubs in Greensboro is the only way to go. The city is full of trendy nightclubs and a wide variety of dance clubs. Latin, electronic, hip-hop or even jazz are all popular in the city’s nightclubs. To make the most out of your Greensboro bachelorette party, your only bet is taking part in all these activities. With some of the elegant limousine companies the city, you can soak up all this city has to offer your bachelorette party. Or, if going the private venue route piqued your interest, why not make your own nightclub aboard a party bus? Hire your own dancers, bring along your best friends and party the entire night long even while you hop from bar to bar. A party bus is a great choice for both a calm night out or for some of the wildest party you could imagine. For some more recommendations see Lansing Bachelorette Party Ideas.